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Welcome to 2014 at The Trading Post!

We are now open and ready for business after a wonderful holiday vacation. We hope that your day were spend full of joy and the love of family and friends!

We are now restocking all of your favorite items in preparation for our visit to the Shot Show this year. We are looking forward to the new and exciting products the 2014 Shot Show will offer. We love the reaction to the new items we bring in. We’ll share details once we are there.

For now, come and check out some of the items we have in stock, including favorites we acquired from last year’s Show.

We stock many of Blade Tech’s holsters, mag holders, and holster accessories. We are also carry may of Looper Brand’s FLASHBANG holsters, a favorite among conceal carrying women.

Last year’s Christmas favorite, the LaserLyte Pro training system with plinking cans, are also on order. We will post when they have arrived.


We are looking forward to all that 2014 can bring!

Ammunition Sale!!! Ending the Year With a BANG!!!!!

Need ammo?! We’ve got it! And at a great price!
Look for these deals and more on defensive and target rounds:

– S&B 338 LAPUA 300GR SIERRA ** $34.95 **
– HORNADY 7.62X54R VM 174 BTHP ** $25.95 **
– FEDERAL AE223G 223 ROUNDS ** $11.95 **
– REMINGTON 45COLT 250GR LEAD RN ** $41.00 **
– REM. 300AAC BLACKOUT 125GR OTM MATCH ** $31.95 **
– FEDERAL 7.62X39 123GRAIN SOFT POINT ** $26.50 **
– MAGSAFE 357SIG 64GR DEFENDER ** $19.95 **
– FN SS198LF 27GR HP ** $31.50 **

We have plenty of 22LR ammunition in stock, as well as cases of FN Five Seven rounds!

We also have MARKED TO SALE prices on all in stock magazines!

– Glock Official 33 round 9mm mags ** 39.95 **

Saiga 12 Round 12ga mags  ** 44.95 **

– Colt 22LR Tactical mag  ** 29.95 **

– DPMS 30 round 223 grey aluminum mags ** 19.95 **

Edge Tactical Ballistic Safety Sunglasses

edge blade runnerThe sun can be brutal, especially in the chillier months of the year. That’s why we carry Edge safety glasses in so many varieties. The Tactical Series features lightweight Military Ballistics rated eyewear that are a must for any shooter. Each pair comes with a Military-Grade “Vapor Shield” for ultimate fog resistance and a 3x Anti-scratch coating while offering OPTIMAL visual quality. The frames are both flexible and strong, making these glasses fairly indestructible! Stop in our store and check out a pair today!

Or be sure you are enter to win the pair we are giving away tomorrow! Visit our giveaway tab at if you haven’t signed up yet.

SALE Update!

Why only have Black Friday only once a year?! We’re having one every Friday until Christmas!!! This Friday get $50 off any FN firearm!

Currently in stock we have the SCAR, the Five-Seven, and the FNX 45 Tactical. We also have a variety of other models like the FNS-40, the FNX-9 in black and SS, and the FNX-45 in FDE.

Frog Lube — A Trading Post Favorite!


If you haven’t heard of FrogLube, you’re missing out. This is one product our Glock Armorers here stand by 100%. Every trigger job that is done here has a courtesy cleaning and coat of the FrogLube CLP.

What is FrogLube? FROGLUBE® is a NEW and IMPROVED GUN CLEANER AND CLP. It is a cutting-edge biodegradable lubricant made from “food-grade” ingredients and products in the USA using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic substance that dissolves carbon, grease, and sludge on contact. It has a heavy specific gravity which allows it to “season” the metal by absorbing deep into the pores and results in a durable slippery surface that reduces friction. Metal, plastic, urethane, nylon or other durable surfaces treated with FrogLube are rejuvenated, preserved and will give extended years of service. FrogLube will not harm the environment. It’s safe for all materials and is even safe to EAT!

Oh, and it smells AMAZING!

But, does it work?  Hell yes it works!

So follow the simple instructions for application. As long as you can do that, I think you’ll find that it is the greatest gun cleaner/lube to have ever been brought to market.

We use the CLP in both the liquid and paste form on the guns we service here. FrogLube performs best if you first heat the surface to open the pores of the metal. You can do this at home with a simple hairdryer or laying it out in direct sunlight for a few hours. Then when you apply the CLP, it impregnates itself into material. The Minty smell is a finishing touch, making this lubricant our top choice!

And it’s not just for guns! Yes, It’s main design is for use as a gun lubricant and CLP. But why stop there? We’ve seen it used on knives, scissors, tools, axes, and even Airsoft guns. Keep your metal items from rusting, mechanical parts gliding with ease, gears running smoothly. Less friction. Longer life. Since FrogLube is non-corrosive to plastics and rubber, it is the preferred lubricant and preservative for O-rings, non-ferrous and rubber parts. FrogLube will actually condition O-rings and improve compressed air and pressure tank retention properties.

Still on the fence about trying it? Feel free to speak with our resident Gun Technician and Armorer Rueben and he will clear up any questions you may have. We also have a demonstration video playing during business hours in our holster room!

It’s not the first plant-based CLP, and it probably won’t be the last. But the difference between this one and others we’ve tried is that it actually works. And it doesn’t just work, it works exceedingly well. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that attest to it’s overwhelming ability to preserve, protect, and enhance your firearm. So don’t just take our word for it. Feel free to check out the numerous videos that sing their praises.

We now stock several FrogLube products including the CLP, Solvent, Starter Kits, and 1oz sample sizes!

A Facebook Landmark

WE HIT OVER 500 LIKES!!!! In less than 1 month of having this page we hit our first major landmark on Facebook since switching to the new business format. That is an amazing number guys!! And to show our appreciation to all of our loyal supporters we will be giving away a few prizes today! Keep an eye on our Facebook feed today! 😉

A Great Google Review

Had an experience here at The Trading Post that you’d like to share? Please feel free to leave us a Google Review!

And a big thank you to Warren Clark for the shout out to our store hound, Belle. 🙂

“Very friendly & polite people. I’m the kind of person who will stop in, look, & ask questions several times before I make up my mind, The folks here greet me every time with a smile & plenty of information on anything I may be looking at. Even the Dog will greet you with her ball for a quick game of in store fetch 🙂 lol”

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