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December 17th Sale Announcement

handgun_gun_ribbon_December_2012Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like a fancy new pistol or a semi-automatic rifle.  Stop in and check out our Year End Closeout deals on all firearms and accessories!

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Our December 16th Grand Prize Winner!

We are excited to announce and want to say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our Grand Prize winner, Christopher Michael Bethke! He is the winner of our Keltec PMR-30 Pistol!

We will hold future giveaways and contests on our Facebook page so stay tuned. You can also follow us on Twitter for the latest updates on news and upcoming events.

Free Friday Winner – December 13th

And Today’s Free Friday Winner is … Christopher Shane Smith! We have a Gun Cleaning for Dummies package waiting for you here. You have until 4pm to claim it. Call us, contact us on Facebook, or come see us!

gun cleaning for dummies

Adventures in Tool Repair: Tool Town Tips

It’s been a while since my last blog entry. We’ve been extremely busy around here. Just to fill the void until my next official blog entry, I thought I’d add a list of tips.

Here they are, in no particular order.

A lot of brushes have a “pop-off” which stops the brushes from wearing too low. This will stop the machine instantly.

Tools that create a lot of “dust” (Circular wood saw, tile saws etc) need to have their brush holders cleaned regularly.

3 in 1 oil, or any other oil that is not labeled “pneumatic tool oil” is bad for your nail guns.

A cut in a power cord can stop your tool from functioning of course. But a bad pinch in a cord can do the same thing.

Having the safety adjusted too low on a nail gun can cause it to misfire.

Almost every chuck screw has left-handed threads.

Don’t know which way to turn the bolt on your circular saw to get the blade off? Turn it in the direction that the teeth on the blade are facing.

A dull drill bit can be sharpened and used over and over again. Down to the solid metal shaft.

The blade lock button on grinders should never be pushed while the tool is running / winding down. Unless it’s a Metabo.

Stripped out allen head screw? Try tapping a Torx bit into it.

Pulling the ground lead out of your cord so it will fit older electrical sockets is never a good idea.

Storing a lithium ion battery in extreme high and low temperatures is not good for the battery. Neither is leaving them discharged for a long period of time.

The vents in powers tools aren’t there for aesthetic purposes. Leaving them clogged with dirt or debris can overheat your tool.

More to come!


Free Friday Winner — December 6th

And Today’s Free Friday Winner is … Russell Harris! We have a Tool Gift Pack waiting for you here. You have until 4pm to claim it. Call us, contact us on Facebook, or come see us!

Ammunition Sale!!! Ending the Year With a BANG!!!!!

Need ammo?! We’ve got it! And at a great price!
Look for these deals and more on defensive and target rounds:

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We have plenty of 22LR ammunition in stock, as well as cases of FN Five Seven rounds!

We also have MARKED TO SALE prices on all in stock magazines!

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Ruger Friday!!!

It’s Ruger Friday!!! Come in and check out all the deals and marked down items we have available! Today got $50 off any in stock Ruger Firearm including the popular TakeDown and SR-series models! Also take 20% off any in stock Ruger accessory, like out BX-25 and BX-25X2 Magazines!We are putting items on sale EVERY DAY with Special “Black Friday Deals” Every Friday until Christmas!!

Still looking for Christmas ideas? Today’s Free Friday prize is a this Tool Gift Set perfect for any do-it-yourselfer! Full of items useful around any household!
tool gift set
You still have time to get your entry in if you haven’t yet. Click the Link to sign up. (If you click the link on your phone it will open on your phone’s browser) And don’t worry. Winning on Fridays doesn’t hurt your chances to win the Grand Prize December 16th. So don’t hesitate to enter early and enjoy our Free Friday Raffle!