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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Tool Town and The Trading Post's operating Hours?

Standard Operating Hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm CST - Monday through Friday. We are CLOSED on major holidays, and December 24th through January 1st. Holiday hours are subject to change and will be noted in advance on our door and on our phone. Please call in advance if there is any concern about our hours.

Do you take trades?

Yes, we do take department trades and invididual trades. Please present all items and accessories (magazines, boxes, etc.) when you bring in the firearm or item to properly evaulate the trade. We are not able to trade by email or telephone and we do not attempt to evaluate what we cannot handle and see in person. We do not guess at values or attempt to appraise second hand guns. The owner of the trade item MUST do all invidivual trades in person. There is no fixed value on second hand guns, nor is there a "book" from which values can be derived. A qualified salsesman will do their best to arrive at a fair trade value that is agreeable to both parties.

Do you have Layaway?

Yes! We have a 90 day in store layaway program with 20% ($100 min.) down. This is non-refundable.

We also offer financing through Friendly Financing.

Who is qualified to buy under the Law Enforcement program?

We offer Law Enforcement discounts on our Glock and FN firearms. Those eligable are:

- Swon Law Enforcement Officers (both current and retired)

- Active, Reserve, and Retired Military with retirement ID card

- EMT's, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters, and Paramedics

- Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers

- State Licensed Security Companies (Loomis, RAM, ect.)

- State Licensed Security Officers and Armed Security Guards holding a G license

- Currently enrolled Law Enforcement Academy Students with Academy documentation

- GSSF Members with current Gun Purchase card (some restrictions apply)

I served in the military. Do I apply?

Although we appreciate everyone that served our country, factory contracts only allow fully retired military personnel that received the standard retired military ID card to participate in this program. VA card holders and civilian military contractors are not included. 

Why is it called a Law Enforcement discount and does everyone get the same offer?

It is called the Law Enforcement price because factories that made the guns most commonly used by Law Enforcement Agencies decided to support their LE customers by selling direct to select distributors. They then sell to individual officers at a factory suggested discount price. The factories extend this discount to those whose jobs fall into a “first responder” category. Some factories also allow retired personnel as well. Please note that every manufacturer has their own policies over which products are included, who is or is not included, and which areas a distributor may sell their respective products. No matter what the product, company, area or restrictions, all qualified customers receive exactly the same discount price.

What type of identification is acceptable to buy a firearm?

You are required to bring a government issued ID with a photograph, date of birth, and residential home address. In the event the buyer does not have all three things listed on one ID you may use a combination of acceptable documents to satisfy the requirements. Examples of acceptable documents are: Louisiana drivers license, voters registration card, fishing/hunting license, concealed weapons permit with address, property tax statement, vehicle registration, government operated utility bill (i.e. water bill), agency ID, etc. Expired documents, PO boxes, non governmental utility bills (i.e. cable TV or power company) are not accepted by the Federal Government. 

Can I order a firearm from tool Town and The Trading Post and have it shipped to my home?

No. Even if you are a police officer or a state concealed weapons permit holder, it is against federal law to ship a firearm to a buyers home. Firearms can only be shipped to a licensed firearms dealer or to an individual officer at the agency with appropriate paperwork.

Can I prepay for a firearm?

It depends on the gun being requested. Most guns can be paid for in full, reserved for you, and then you will be notified when they come in. The gun business has always been one of consistent shortages. Most guns that are hard to find are only temporarily in short supply. In the case of short supply and heavily backorder items we do not take prepayments on firearms, as to not upset our customers with long wait times and long holds on payments. Since deliveries and demand changes with time, please check with us regulary if there is a specific firearm you have in mind.

Can I custom order a firearm?

Yes, if the firearm is available through one of our distributors we are more than happy to custom order it for you for cost + 10% plus shipping. This excludes all items that we regularly stock. We also encourage our customers to visit our Gallery of Guns page and search though our online selection, shipped directly to our store.

Gallery of guns

What should I do if I find a mistake on your website?

Please visit our Contact Us page and fill out our form if you find any mistakes on our webiste. Our website is maintained by our staff, so we know that typos and errors can happen more than we'd like to admit. We appreciate anything you send us. Thanks!!